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Clash Royale is a Free Android game that is developed by the popular game developers Supercell. It is a game that requires strategies, tactics, and different logics. The game combines various elements that include collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena. Supercell has developed this game for the mobile users, especially for Android devices. Recently, a couple of months back, Supercell has released Clash Royale for iOS and Android on March 2, 2016.

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clash royale


You can download this game- clash royale on any operating system such as iOS and Android. This game is free to download, however, few charges may apply on buying special features.

– Having or creating an account on the Google play store.
– Enter the name of the game’ CLASH ROYALE’ in the search box of the Google play store app.
– Now select the free version and lastly click on the “INSTALL” option beside the name given.
– The game will get installed in the background and you can access it through the icon available in the menu option or home screen.
The method to download this game is almost same for other operating systems, just different accounts are required. For example apple app store requires apple id, blackberry requires blackberry world account and so on.


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Now you might wonder, if you have downloaded the game, what is this APK download? This apk download is a file extension (.apk file) that makes it feasible for android users to download without any objections.
This apk is the major updated version, 1.3.2, for android users.

  • New version launched on 3 of may 2016.
  • The size of the game is 91.2 MB.
  • The update version is 1.3.2 version.
  • Updated version name- clash royale 1.3.2 .apk

You can download the game or the .apk version from the given below links:


Now we have learned about the .apk version so what is this update?
This update section speaks about the new features that you will find in the new version of the game. We all know the updated version is of 1.3.2 version available in the market globally.

Here You Can Latest Clash Royale Update :-
Now, what’s new in this Clash Royale APK or the 1.3.2 version? We can find an entry of new cards, in all the 4 categories. Those are:
1 In Common card, we can find a new card called the “Fire Spirits” card.
2 In Rare card, we can see the entry of “Furnace card”.
3 In Epic card, we can see new card call “Guards” card.
4 And in Legendary cards, we can see “Lava Hound, Miner, and Sparky” cards introduced.
Along with cards, we see more Rewards also. These rewards are winning Gold for every win and you will get twice as much of Crown chest.


Proceeding with the update, now comes the turn to know these cards more properly.
The new cards, about which we were talking in the update are:
Fire Spirits– It comes the common card category, where these launch themselves at the target while attacking.

Furnace – It comes in the rare card category. this produces two fire Spirits at a time costing 5 elixirs.

Guards– they belong to epic card category and they knock their enemies with their shields costing 3 elixirs.

Miner– It comes in legendary cards section.
the miner burrows his way underground and appear anywhere anytime in the arena and costs 3 elixirs.

Lava hound– This also belong to the legendary cards section.
the lava hound seems to be a flying beast that attacks the building and costs 7 elixirs.

Sparky– Again, this also belongs to the legendary cards criteria. sparky has a heavy damaging effect.Sparky knocks itself a few miles back when attacked and it costs 6 elixirs.

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The clash royale tournament is a live online gaming arena where multiple players, play the game online. It much like a tournament which we play other sports.

Anyone can participate in the beginning leading to the finale round.
The top 8 players from the beginning round will be taken into the final round.
There is a possibility of having a live view of the finale round of the tournament.


Decks are nothing but the set of cards. In this game, you will find lots of decks with different powers used in order to attack the opponents.

The player has an option to select his deck or there are inbuilt decks that have strong powers.

You must be careful in selecting these decks for a number of reasons.

These decks consist of cards that you are able to unblock only during the battle field.

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Having learned much information about the Clash royale, now what do you feel, which one is better-clash of clans or clash royale?

Although both the game have a similar look, they also have the troops, characters, elixirs and gems in the same look too.

This game, clash royale is more interesting to play because it offers, a Multi player online platform and fun strategy where a player can control one character at both the battles.

In a clash of clans, the players used to build a village but here in clash royale, you are expected to collect cards to vast your empire or the characters.

The graphics for this game is much better than a clash of clans.

There would be more differences in the game too, but you will identify them more as you experience playing them. And do comment in the comment section below of what changes you feel is better in both the games and which game is better to play.

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These cards are attained by buying them in exchange for gold not only these cards, all the cards in the game are either won by upgrading or by buying them.
A few cards belonging to the troop category are :
Princess card: this card has a long range that it can target and shoot the enemy towers even from the other side of the river, costing 3 elixirs.
Dark prince card: this card deals with splash damaging in the battle. It is the most strongest card in the battle. This card regains the movement if he starts to move on itself.
Hog rider: it is regarded as one of the best offensive cards in the game. He is very fast in its movements that are defeating the enemies, costing 4 elixirs.
Skeletons: these are used to distract the enemy troops in the battle and cheaply available costing 1 elixir.
Barbarians: the most often used card to defend, costing 5 elixirs. These are used to combat difficult combinations of the game.
Wizard card: its wonderful to use in the game because of the impact they make. A weapon to use against hot spammers and other giant cards in the game.
Goblins: goblins are also one of the most popularly used cards, costing 2 elixirs.
Baby dragon: it acts a defense and offense too, costing 4 elixirs. Mostly used to defeat archers, goblins, and skeletons.

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As mentioned earlier, clash royale is a multi player strategy game. This is more like of clash of clans but with a twist and special attractions in the game.

In this game, the battle arena is divided into two parts or sections.

This game is created by the creators of the epic game- clash of clans and so there are controversies talking about whether clash royale is another sequel to the clash of clans?

This game was globally launched on 2 of March 2016. Making it available on all forms of operating systems.

As clash royale was launched, it became one of the top ranking games on the charts of U.S. app store.

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  • Clash royale game is all about building your empire using cards. These are cards which are used in battle to defeat the enemy troops and kings to win the game.
  • At the start of the game, the players are provided with 8 cards to start the battle further which they can upgrade by defeating the enemies.
  • The players can change their cards by clicking on the new card option or troop card option. By doing this you build your deck for the battle.
  • The maximum level of the game is the thirteenth level which is divided by 9 arenas.
  • The game is won where a player destroys the opponent’s towers and empires by gaining a higher number of chests of golds and gems.

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